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In season this spring: Fresh from the Aussie farms and supermarkets

Food is what brings friends and family together, and family means everything so buying the freshest ingredients is not only healthy and delicious but also can save you a buck when you shop for seasonal produce. This spring, RED magazine picked 3 great ingredients that can be confidently used in your everyday cooking.



Green beans definitely serve a great base to a nice salad. They can be steamed or pan-fried but be careful not to overcook them. In preparation, trim the ends from both sides of the stem. For a great recipe, see our Food section on how to make a delicious Green Bean & Fig and Goat’s Cheese Salad.


Blueberries are well known for its sweet and delicious flavours. These berries are delicate and can be used for desserts, breakfast cereals, drinks and some other savoury dishes. Full of antioxidants and vitamins can make a great addition to a nice meal for the family.




Asparagus is very delicious when cooked on a BBQ, pan-fried or steamed. A fantastic idea for a full of flavour salad or risotto on a nice spring afternoon lunch. It does not take long to cook, it is unique flavours and crunch will make your mouth water. Please note that it is important to trim the ends with a knife to cut to the point where it meets less resistance. Enjoy!



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