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“Golden” 10th Anniversary Celebration – RED Magazine

“Golden” 10th Anniversary Celebration – RED Magazine

RED Magazine recently hosted an incredible 10th Anniversary celebration event in December, to celebrate the amazing accomplishments and achievements of the business since its founding. Held at the beautiful Rasputin International Restaurant in Malvern, this event was truly a magical experience that celebrated not only RED Magazine’s success but also highlighted the power of women’s engagement and unification.

The evening was directed by Olga Angelidis and featured MC Max Ivanov as James Bond, providing an atmosphere of luxury, fun and elegance. The decor of the venue provided a perfect backdrop for guests to enjoy drinks and delicious food while taking in the grandeur of the room. The tables were adorned with gorgeous floral arrangements created by Mizami Flowers, while Let’s Celebrate Parties added golden drops throughout each setting to bring it all together.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly stunning dresses by Tanya Didenko Couture which was custom made for RED Magazine’s 10th Anniversary. Every guest felt like they were walking a red carpet when they put on their incredibly glamorous dresses – further enhanced by some of the most amazing make-up and hair artists including Stylist Lana Barker’s make-up styling services. Moreover, Irina Samanati wowed everyone with her magnificent cake creations – truly a feast for both eyes and taste buds alike!

Throughout this special event, Ksenia Kidyaeva captured every moment so that guests could look back fondly on their memories from this night forever more. Sveta Vintonenko documented this joyous occasion in video footage so that even those who weren’t able to be there can still experience it vicariously through her artful videos. Katherine Vassallo, author for RED Magazine, also attended as well as representatives from BeautyLux; Khuraman Armstrong; Juvenis Beauty Studio; MediGreen Dispensary & Clinic; JK Beauty Academy; Bondi Soap; Flutter Beauty Studio; Sweet Lova Chocolates; Grin Aesthetics by Sofia Shisman and Ksenia Kidyaeva Photography – all of whom contributed greatly to making 10th Anniversary celebration such an amazing success.

A great time was had by all who attended RED Magazine’s 10th Anniversary celebration event – it truly marked a special milestone in history thanks to the hard work of countless individuals contributing time and energy into making it memorable beyond measure!

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